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After a period of expansion the Allagash Brewing Company based in Portland, Maine, encountered an issue for their tour guide visitors. Jill Sacco of Allagash explains “The brewery can be a very loud place,” and “guests often missed much of what was being said and it was exhausting for the guides, as well.”

Being too noisy to hear a solution came in the form of our tour guide equipment, with a dedicated pick up and drop off stand for the receivers the equipment is easy to distributed, use and collect. An over-the-head microphone sends an audio signal to the visitors via a transmitter, receiver and a pair of stereo headphones, reducing the signal to noise ratio.

The installation of such equipment to overcome the audio challenges for their visitors shows a clear commitment to their customers and onsite visitors, making for a clear distinction in the brand and providing a high level of customer service and an exceptionally positive experience of their tours.

Equipment Used:

  • Z-LT-700 Portable RF Display Transmitter
  • Z-LA-278 Behind-the-Head Microphone
  • Z-LR-400 Portable Display RF Receiver
  • Z-LA-165 Stereo Headphones

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