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One-to-many communication systems are useful in a wide range of circumstances from tour guides in a museum, teaching a group of students in a lecture theatre, to event team management coordination.

Issues arise when those systems are complex and difficult to use, operate in an already crowded frequency band (2.4GHz) and their intelligibility is limited by the performance of the device. Ensuring genuinely effective secure communications particularly in team management and confidential applications can also be very difficult.

Ampetronicâ„¢, exclusive distributor in the UK of Listen Technologies, offer ListenTALK as a powerful single or duplex solution for all group communication needs. Due to its ability to operate in multiple modes and in different configurations, ListenTALK is highly effective for translation and assistive listening.

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  • flexible configuration for multi-purpose applications
  • simple push button operation
  • proprietary encryption for secure communications
  • reliable duplex system working with Low interference in the rarely used 1.9 GHz DECT band
  • multi-group function with up to 15 simultaneous two-way groups – ideal for tour guides
  • simple single interface. Any unit can be set up to be leader or participant
  • create groups easily with near field communication (NFC) or a single button press
  • two way communication via a built in microphone on each unit, allows participants to ask questions of the leader
  • robust design for prolonged use


  • Assistive listening
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Team communication
  • Tour guide
  • Conferencing and presentations