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Listen EVERYWHERE is a simple and cost effective way to provide multi-channel audio delivered directly to guest’s devices.

For more information on our products visit Audio over WiFi or download UP30158-1_ListenE_App_Notes



Give your members access to multiple TV and audio channels through Listen EVERYWHERE, direct to their smartphones.

Bar and lounge
Screen multiple sports events, news channels and music videos simultaneously through Listen EVERYWHERE.

Conferences and exhibitions
Focus your messaging in a sea of noise and competing attractions by delivering content directly to your target audience.

Multi-use spaces
Scrollable channel list for easy selection. Add channel logos and graphics to help users navigate, ideal for open plan areas with multiple groups requiring separate audio streams.

Language interpretation
Most translation systems require dedicated paired transmitters and receivers. Transmitters are a fixed feature required by all systems; however, specialised receivers add additional cost and risk of damage due to misuse, loss and theft. Listen EVERYWHERE only requires a widely available smartphone (Android or Apple iOS) with the WiFi connection active.

A number of devices used for interpretation rely on the user(s) and the translator being in the same room or ‘tethered’ to a wired system in a fixed location. Noisy meeting rooms or environments, multiple languages spoken at the same time and lack of confidentiality all add to the complexity of delivering audible, intelligible sound. Listen EVERYWHERE enables multiple languages to be streamed over a wide area, simultaneously.